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Four-Flavour Cookbook Gift Sets

Four-Flavour Cookbook Gift Sets

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These regionally themed cookbook gift sets present fifty delicious recipes, each utilizing four included extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars! Choose from one of four locales!

Vibrant Seasoning, refreshing ingredients, and diverse regional influences have earned the dishes of Spain worldwide acclaim. If you're seduced by the romance of Spanish cuisine and tempted by the array of possibilities, begin your culinary odyssey today with the following:
Medium UP EVOO, Rosemary Infused EVOO, Sherry Reserve Wine Vinegar, Grapefruit White Balsamic

One of the many charms of Greek fare is the myriad of spices used, especially when the combinations are unconventional. Whether you're just dabbling in this ancient cuisine or yearning to try something more adventurous than Greek salad, this cookbook will demystify Greek recipes. You'll be well on your way to culinary success with a handful of premium olive oil sand balsamic vinegars, and will impress even the most formidable yiayia by stocking your pantry with:
Lemon Fused EVOO, Garlic Infused EVOO, Black Cherry Dark Balsamic, Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic

Eating together in Syrian culture is all about generosity and hospitality, bustling community, and lively conversation over tables laden with fragrant dishes. Whether you're a culinary expert or just taste-curious, this cookbook in the series offers plenty of easy, inspired menu items for your next dinner party.
Lime Fused EVOO, Harissa Infused EVOO, Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Vinegar, Mango White Balsamic

Looking for the simplest and healthiest way to add outstanding, authentic, fresh flavour to Italian recipes? Cook and bake with premium olive oil and balsamic vinegars. With this cookbook, it's a lot easier (and so much more fun) than you might think. Take Italian cooking to the next level by bringing home the following:
Blood Orange Fused EVOO, Tuscan Herb Infused EVOO, Black Mission Fig Dark Balsamic, Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic

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