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Peugeot-Naka Flax Seed Mills Natural 11cm

Peugeot-Naka Flax Seed Mills Natural 11cm

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A superfood to be ground freshly at the last moment

Experts in nutrition are well aware that flax seed is one of the superfoods that have so many benefits for our health. A source of fibre, flax seed, an essential in healthy cooking, is one of the 10 foods that are the richest sources of omega. It also works perfectly with a gluten-free diet. To make the most of all the nutritional benefits, it’s vital to grind the seeds just before eating, because their shells cannot be assimilated by the body. Flax seeds keep very well in their whole state, but they can quickly become rancid on contact with air and light, after being ground.
To access the benefits of this seed, Peugeot offers you Naka, a manual wooden mill, made in France, with a patented mechanism designed specifically to grind flax and sesame seeds, as it is suitable for their consistency and hardness. This mechanism, which can be removed completely for fast easy cleaning, is guaranteed for a period of 5 years. This wooden mill has a detachable head for exact filling and is accompanied by a measuring spoon for measuring the equivalent of 10 grammes of flax seeds.

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