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Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Rectangular Baker 12.5" Red

Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Rectangular Baker 12.5" Red

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The proportions of the 32 cm (12.5in.) Appolia rectangular ceramic dish from Peugeot are ideal for everyday cooking.

Roast joints, fish, gratins, roasted vegetables, slightly caramelised jacket potatoes. With ceramic, you can cook a wide range of oven baked recipes for healthy, balanced meals crammed full of flavour. Made in France according to traditional methods and practices, Peugeot ceramic complies with the most stringent food contact and environmental standards. Ceramic boasts excellent thermal inertia and is capable of keeping dishes hot for up to 30 minutes after being removed from the oven. The 32 cm (12.5in.) version of Peugeot's Appolia rectangular oven dish is available in a range of essential classic and stylish contemporary colours. The flamboyant red version will bring your table to life, while the meal will delight everyone's taste buds.

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