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Organic Pomegranate Vinegar with The Mother

Organic Pomegranate Vinegar with The Mother

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This organic pomegranate vinegar is rich in proteins and enzymes as it is unfiltered and unpasteurized, which means that it is produced in a natural way. Ideal on summer salads, vegetables and excellent to drink absolute. Pomegranate-based vinegar also rivals fruit in its health benefits.

What is the mother?

Pomegranate vinegar is made through a two-step process. First, yeast is added to apple juice to break down the sugars and turn them into alcohol. Then, healthy probiotic bacteria are added, which converts the alcohol into acetic acid. This probiotic is what is known as the mother because it is the catalyst that gives rise to the vinegar. Many store-bought vinegars have the mother removed because it gives the vinegar a cloudy appearance, which can lead some customers to believe that the product has gone bad. But this is not the case. In fact, the mother is the healthiest part!


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