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Lemon Laser Beam Fatalii Hot Sauce - Pex Peppers

Lemon Laser Beam Fatalii Hot Sauce - Pex Peppers

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Lemon Laser Beam hot sauce is a very spicy yellow fatalii elixir that tastes like a sweet and tangy lemon candy coated in fire.

It's stinging burn comes from the different capsaicinoids in the yellow fatalii chile pepper. The naturally lemony flavor of the spicy fatalii chili has been enhanced even further with a splash of lemon juice and a small dollop of local Colorado wildflower honey.

This sweet and tart sauce goes amazingly well on fish, chicken, and even veggie dishes! Taste this rare treat today by adding a bottle to the cart.

What's so special about Lemon Laser Beam?

  • Rare fatalii chiles burn the tongue with a very unique sting.
  • Bright and lemony flavor goes on a wide variety of foods.
  • Designed for the chile-head looking for a great everyday table sauce.
  • Vegetarian friendly so many diets can consume this fiery sauce.
  • Gluten Free means even the most sensitive diets can eat this one
  • Portable 5 oz. bottle can go almost anywhere
  • Heat Level: 7/10
  • Made with 4 simple ingredients.

Lemon Laser Beam hot sauce contains: Yellow Fatalii Mash (Fataliis, Vinegar), Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Raw Wildflower Honey

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