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Wildberry Whoop-Ass Hot Sauce - Pex Peppers go

Wildberry Whoop-Ass Hot Sauce - Pex Peppers go

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Wildberry Wollop will give you a berry flavoured beatdown with it's 7 Pot Primo peppers and supreme blast of rich wildberry flavor.

7 Pot Primo chiles are currently ranked as the world's second hottest chile pepper ranking in just below the Carolina Reaper. Their natural berry-like flavor makes it an ideal candidate to pair with strawberries, blackberries, and locally sourced raw honey.

This sauce is sweet, ultra hot, and very addicting. Once you come down from that endorphin rush, you'll want to feel the berry flavoured beatdown again and again.

Use this on beef, smoked or grilled foods, cream cheese, or even add it to your salad dressing! 

What's Wild About Wildberry Wallop?

  • Packed with 60% 7 Pot Primo chiles making this sauce seriously hot.
  • Perfect for the seasoned chilehead who can't find a sauce hot enough
  • Contains local wildflower honey which helps support local farms.
  • Portable 148ml bottle can go almost anywhere.
  • Designed for the chilehead this sauce has gargantuan heat with the flavor to match.

Wildberry Wallop contains: 7 Pot Primo mash (Primo chiles, vinegar), Vinegar, Strawberries, Blackberries, Wildflower Honey


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