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Cherry Magma Reaper Hot Sauce - Pex Peppers no

Cherry Magma Reaper Hot Sauce - Pex Peppers no

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Flaming Hot Cherries Directly From The Center of the Earth!
Cherry Magma hot sauce is an extremely hot Carolina Reaper sauce bursting with the flavor of Cherries and Honey.

This sauce is ideal for a glaze for when you smoke meats as the reaper and cherries combine with each other to provide unparalleled flavor and heat. Goes great on grilled foods, in chili con carne, and even on ice cream if you're brave enough!

You'll want to add this devilish sauce to your cart if you can handle a challenge! Are you ready?

What's the heat on Cherry Magma?

  • Contains the current worlds hottest peppers, the Carolina Reaper
  • Delicious red cherries perfectly pair with the smoke of your choice when used as a glaze
  • Designed for the chilehead who has a taste for fire. Be Careful.
  • Made with 4 simple ingredients, that's it. There are no fillers in this sauce!

Cherry Magma Hot Sauce contains: Carolina Reaper Mash (Reapers, Vinegar), Vinegar, Dark Red Cherries, Honey

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