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Harbourfront Oil and Vinegar

Canadian Handcrafted

Canadian Handcrafted

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The creation of our Sandstone is a combination of certain stones and sands mixed with cement in various ratios while combining water to create Concrete/Sandstone.

 Once our handmade Sandstone has been removed from its mold after it's initial cure forming it's permanent shape; it goes through a slow curing process which insures that it fully hardens to it's maximum strength. This special process is the magic behind our super strong Sandstone products and enables us to cast very thin Sandstone that still maintains it's strength. This crucial step separates our Sandstone from other similar products that can sometimes chip and break under normal stresses of use.

 We guarantee once you hold one of our Sandstone products in your own hands you will understand with your own senses why our products are so well known for their beauty, simplicity and most of all quality.

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