Refill Credit

At Harbourfront Oil and Vinegar we try to always do our part to help the planet. That’s why we offer a convenient refill program to our customers! Don’t throw your bottles in the trash, have them refilled and reduce your waste while saving money!

Refill Discount

When you bring your CLEAN and DRY bottle to be refilled with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar you’ll save $1.00 on the refill of any 200ml or 370ml bottle, or $2.00 on any 750ml!

To be refilled, all bottles must be clean and dry to preserve the quality and freshness of your product! Here are a couple of our favourite ways to ensure your bottle is refill-ready!

How to Wash Your Bottle For Refilling

By Hand

Simply fill your sink with the hottest water you can stand, add a generous amount of dish washing liquid, and fill the bottle. Clean by shaking or – for best results – by using a bottle brush.


If you have a dishwasher you may try placing your bottles upside-down on either rack and putting them on a normal or high heat wash cycle. If using this method be sure to check after for bits of food or other contaminants that may have been sprayed inside.

To Dry

Simply place your washed bottle uncorked in a dry location and wait. To accelerate the process, you can place it on a sunny window ledge or keep it beside your stove.